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Oct 06

Thoughts on a Straw-God

Truth that is of a dimensionality beyond the testing dimensions cannot be disproven by such a test.  Truth that is 2D cannot be undermined even by evidence in 1D.  A 1D man living on a geometric line knows that having traversed through point B on his way from A to C, he must reverse course …

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Dec 18

An Inconvenient Definition of Truth

Are you adamant? Does that make you more likely to be correct? I am sure, adamant.  Does my stubborn certainty assist me in my quest to make you believe me?  Should it?  Hint: I know a ton of stubborn people that are inflexibly convinced of “truths” amazingly inconsistent with one another. What if I can …

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Dec 10

The Nature of Goodness

Daddy’s goodness is so personal, and so personally merciful and gracious. Daddy loves being with you. He will even appear to change His plans to accommodate you. When you are not paying attention to Him and are messing things up for yourself, His plan B is already coming online and is already taking place, and …

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Sep 16

A Juxtaposition

Obsidian shards of despair piercing black emptiness, puncturing the hollow nothing of existing without existence.  Instead of the significance of being, reality is only the torture of inky agonies and furious furies against a backdrop of starless void.  Can meaning exist in the black hole of futility? Effervescent ebullience by surprise, by design… drifting aloft …

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Sep 11

The Recursion of Reaching

Father was reaching….  He saw you as you were… needy, unloved, hurting, confused, in bondage, deceived… seemingly hopeless… His heart was reaching toward you, knowing what you needed, full of His love and healing power, full of freedom, full of truth, full of peace and hope… He Himself was the answer to every one of …

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Aug 14

Creation vs. Redistribution of Wealth

Redistribution of wealth is one of the most cynical and self-serving notions of the political realm. Redistribution of wealth posits that only so much wealth is available and should therefore be equally distributed.  But wealth is created by those with drive, determination, and an eye to the true laws of economics (e.g. sowing and reaping, …

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May 23

Yeah, but did Jesus predict Harold Camping?

So now we all know that Harold Camping did not accurately predict Jesus’ return…
but the real question is, did Jesus predict Harold Camping?
And more importantly, why should anyone care?

Apr 26

Truth beyond the Provable

Huios: Well, hello, friend Sci-atheist.  I understand you wanted to talk to me? Sci-atheist: Yes.  I knew you to be a reasonable person and wanted to chat about one of your favorite topics: God. Huios:  Really!? Sure!  Would you like to get to know Him? Sci-atheist:  Well, no, but I have been thinking, and I …

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Apr 20

Covenantal Justice

Mankind fell. Death was on the doorstep. The great black hole – which was the alter ego (in free will) of the highest destiny of mankind in the most amazing love experiment in eternity – the great black hole of anti-holiness threatened to suck everything into eternal horror, anguish, punishment, and nothingness. Horrifying, eternal JUSTICE …

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Apr 11

Fixing Education

Fixing Education Yeah, it is no real surprise: the US educational system needs fixing.  So how do you fix it? Well, how do you fix anything that is so steeped in socialism, it hardly knows what to do any more except require more money? That is a simpler question.  You create competition at every level.  …

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