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Mar 11

Is God Illogical?

I read some atheists decrying the illogic of God, and in some ways I can understand their frustration.  A search for God that expects Him to be a black box which responds consistently to a set of stimuli is bound for frustration.  (In fact, I do think it is illogical to begin a search for …

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Mar 10

The Union Onion in Wisconsin

Truth is so often difficult to find… sometimes you have to peal back the layers of the onion to find out what is in the core… and then what you find stinks and makes you want to cry. The stinky issue at stake:  Should taxpayers be forced to support liberal politicians’ re-election campaigns? You probably …

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Mar 10

Dilution and Delusion

The gospel is so very frequently diluted in America.  And when it is, people end up deluded in the worst possible way.  The travesty is twofold – not only are people believing lies and living in false comfort while putting their eternity at risk, but also people are living within the limits of false boundaries …

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Mar 04

Your Life in My Driveway, etc.

Your Life in My Driveway If, for some reason, somebody bound and gagged you and then laid you across my driveway, would ownership of my own property give me the right to run you over? A foolish question indeed. Your right to be unbattered supersedes the normal exercise of my rights of ownership. But I …

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Feb 25

Justice, the Rule of Law, and President Obama’s DOMA Stance

It is essential in the pursuit of justice that the government play by its own rules.  The reason a country has a constitution is to establish those rules, and to establish how those rules will be created, judged, and enforced.  When a government turns its back on its own rules, it willfully creates injustice by …

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Feb 23

Is Welfare Just?

Taking care of the needy:  it is a command of God to every compassionate man’s heart.  God requires His people to give to the needy widow, orphan, and foreigner.  Anyone with a modicum of humanity recognizes the mandate to take care of the needy people in his own sphere.  Do you?  I do. But now …

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Feb 20

God and Reality

First, a few obvious statements: There is information and reality accessible via scientific research. These are very useful to humankind and I personally truly enjoy the scientific process.  Rational process is a wonderful approach to many realms, and we as people have benefited greatly by it. There are realities beyond those reachable by scientific means. …

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Feb 19

Just Knowing God – A Necessary Miracle

Did you know that actually knowing God is what life is all about?  Did you know that “but I thought that the Bible meant…” is not the way to start an admissible excuse in the courts of final judgment?  Did you know that “Don’t you know that I did all these great things…” is not …

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Feb 18

Justice – Foundation of Freedom

Legal, moral justice is necessary if one is to exercise his moral freedom without needing to have the personal strength to enforce it.  (Put another way, if I can exert political, financial, or military power to insist on the unhindered exercise of my freedom, that is no more than “might makes right.”  If we expect …

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Feb 18

Justice vs. Fairness

Fairness is a figment.  There – I said it. Fairness is not real, largely because it really does not have a stable, reliable foundation.  Everyone’s conception of fairness is based on himself — his unique set of values and judgments.  Given differing perspectives and world-views, fairness is an argument that cannot be lost, but neither …

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