Aug 14

Creation vs. Redistribution of Wealth

Redistribution of wealth is one of the most cynical and self-serving notions of the political realm.

Redistribution of wealth posits that only so much wealth is available and should therefore be equally distributed.  But wealth is created by those with drive, determination, and an eye to the true laws of economics (e.g. sowing and reaping, generosity drives profitability, etc.).  Wealth is not a limited thing, but a thing that can and is regularly created.  Every invention that reduces the impediments to get what is needed creates wealth (e.g. efficiency in farming via better process, better varieties, better distribution; efficiency in production of any good through economy of scale or automation; etc.).  Every time multiple lower-cost components are assembled to produce a higher-than-the-sum-of-the-parts priced item, wealth is created.  Every time a seed is planted and a 100-fold crop is harvested, wealth is created.

Furthermore, there are no laws,  of nature or of God, that suggest that wealth should be forcibly redistributed by government.  (Although God’s law indicates that those who understand how to invest will receive a return and that those who generously assist others in need will be generously profited.)  In fact, it is foolishness and cynicism to take away the “seed” from the one who has demonstrated the ability to be productive and put it into the mouth of the one who has demonstrated a propensity to be unproductive — all become less wealthy by the redistribution of wealth because it hampers the production of wealth.

Western culture that was (sic) based on basic principles of ownership, responsibility, and freedom has created a higher standard of living not only for itself but for an entire globe.  Certainly the wealth is not distributed to everyone evenly, but neither should it be!  But the vast majority of the globe has been enriched by the wealth of the Western way.  However, it would be simple to undo this process.  Simply take all the wealth of the West and distribute it equally across the globe to every person.  Most of the wealth would disappear in a matter of a few meals, and there would not be enough capital to fuel the production of wealth.  This is just one large example of the principle that wealth can in fact be created (and generously distributed) but forcible redistribution destroys wealth.

Why then the political bent toward redistribution?  As above, it is cynical and self-serving.  Power from (not to) the masses is the underlying impetus of cynical, wealth-destroying socialism and its white-washed twin in American politics, economic liberalism.


  1. Kaylee Cook Olaferdaso

    The Progressives plan on holding mighty political financial power over larger and larger masses of people.

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