Sep 11

The Recursion of Reaching

Father was reaching….  He saw you as you were… needy, unloved, hurting, confused, in bondage, deceived… seemingly hopeless… His heart was reaching toward you, knowing what you needed, full of His love and healing power, full of freedom, full of truth, full of peace and hope… He Himself was the answer to every one of your needs and questions.  And He was reaching…

He touched you.  Somehow in the haze of confusion, you perceived a ray of hope and it was Him… somehow His inconceivable love conceived in you the possibility of something besides blind pain and unknowing destruction… somehow His voice pronounced His word (Himself) and pierced the cacophony of lies… lies of pain-avoiding traps, of bondage-inducing choices and lifestyles, of cycles of destruction extending back generations… somehow He reached from an eternity away with His infinitely reaching heart and touched you.

So a new life began… fledgling faith responding to unimaginable connection from outside the bounds of previous reality.  Shimmers of His reality (whole and wholesome, alive and living, mind-bogglingly other-than) began to become impressed onto you and your reality.  Elements of prior reality faded as He Himself began to become your new reality.  And every new bit of revelation that was met with believing transformed another deadly bit of former worldview into another glorious divine insight into His outrageous goodness and transcendent love.

Everything became relative to Him… it was not worthwhile unless it was Him… it was not good unless it was Him… it was not true unless it was Him.  And transformation began… from a dead you into a living you permeated by His love, saturated by His other-ness, suffused by Him Himself… and you began to look like Him.  It was a process.  It remains incomplete.  But Him-ness is replacing the deadness of you-ness and producing the ultimate aliveness of the oneness of Father-child.

The reaching is therefore being fulfilled… the heart of love has thereby been consummated… or has it?  It has!  But in its consummation, that heart is being reproduced and the reaching-ness of our Daddy reaches further not just for you but through you… even as the divine image of the Answer to all your questions is replicated onto the substrate of your identity, He Himself desires to reproduce His reaching in you, that in the image of the Reacher you may be reaching… because Father is reaching….

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  1. Sheri

    Loved this!

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