Sep 16

A Juxtaposition

Obsidian shards of despair piercing black emptiness, puncturing the hollow nothing of existing without existence.  Instead of the significance of being, reality is only the torture of inky agonies and furious furies against a backdrop of starless void.  Can meaning exist in the black hole of futility?

Effervescent ebullience by surprise, by design… drifting aloft into the pastel sky, the perpetual sunrising of joy.  Amazed by the lightness of reality in the face of approval.  Electrified by the infusion of purpose in the position of ecstasy.  Can existence be meaningless in the supernova of God’s eternal pleasure?


  1. Beverly

    Like the blog

  2. Octavio

    Wonderful Post with some great questions. This is going to help to pmorpt me to enact some changes on my About page. Thanks for the great post!Cheers,

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