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  1. Ahmed

    Kirsten,I really value what you’ve added to the cvtnersaoion here: this realization that violence did not originate with God. In fact, I sit here thinking of Rublev’s icon of the Trinity when you imagine the Trinity in relationship with itself, existing in the fullness and wholeness of God, there is no violence in that relationship God has with God’s self. And when God created humanity, he imbued man and woman with his nature and invited them to live with each other and with God the way God had always experienced intimacy and unity with God’s self. And yet it didn’t remain that way. I can’t help wondering if violence originated with Lucifer in heaven, wanting to usurp the throne to the point of rebelling and being cast from heaven downward. I think about the definition of evil being the privation of the good so perhaps Lucifer didn’t invent evil or violence, but perhaps evil and violence is what erupts when good is deprived of its whole essence. I appreciate what you’ve suggested, too, about the pictures of God presented via man’s pen in the Old Testament being somehow tainted by man’s fallenness and filter. This resonates with Greg Boyd’s comment a bit, as well as Joelle’s and some reading I’ve done recently of Richard Rohr. I plan to wrestle out loud with some of these very questions here soon. :-) All that to say, your voice here is very welcome, as always, and you’re helping us all lean in hard and think deeply about these things, and for that I’m always grateful. Love you, friend.

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