Dec 10

The Nature of Goodness

Daddy’s goodness is so personal, and so personally merciful and gracious.

Daddy loves being with you. He will even appear to change His plans to accommodate you. When you are not paying attention to Him and are messing things up for yourself, His plan B is already coming online and is already taking place, and it is amazingly redemptively perfect and good… read: with Him, connected to Him, interspersed with Him, infused with Him. His goodness is so merciful!

Daddy loves being with you. He will even have you change your plans to accommodate as much of Him as possible, if you will let Him. If you will be led by His Spirit, He will lead you into the very center of His best for you, His perfect Kingdom plan, His amazing power and presence, into the very center of Himself… read: every time He directs you to do what is not your normal, it is so He personally can be featured more intimately, more strongly, and more gloriously in your life. His goodness is so gracious!

Daddy’s goodness is always there… we can resist Him, but He keeps on being good toward us… we can ignore Him, but He keeps on being good toward us… we can avoid some of His goodness via our deception and rebellion, but His goodness will seep under the doors we construct… we can reject Him, but His goodness makes easy ways for us to return to Him… we can equivocate toward Him, but His goodness lures us into more of Him… we can forget to pay attention to Him, but His goodness wakes us up to more of His goodness… we can dabble around in a puddle of His goodness, but His goodness will make sure we get wetter than we intended… or we can decide to explore His goodness, only to discover that it is bigger than we thought… and we can decide to submit to His goodness, and discover that it is infinite in extent, in expression, in dimension, in variety, in substance, in Him…

…and He defines goodness.

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