Oct 06

Thoughts on a Straw-God

Truth that is of a dimensionality beyond the testing dimensions cannot be disproven by such a test.  Truth that is 2D cannot be undermined even by evidence in 1D.  A 1D man living on a geometric line knows that having traversed through point B on his way from A to C, he must reverse course and pass through B before reaching A again.  The 2D Cartesian man knows better –if he simply goes forward and then right and then backward and left, he can circumvent those points directly between A and C, but he knows that the total amount of forward must be compensated by an equal amount of backward if he has any hope of reaching the same point, and similarly with right and left.  The 2D man living on a spherically curved space is not even as constrained as Mr. 2D Cartesian since knows he need never reverse course but can just keep going forward (around his globe) to get to the same point.  Every person’s perspective on truth is dependent on his dimensionality and, more importantly, even on his perception of his dimensionality.

If one is willing to postulate “God” truth but then limits evidence to human dimensions, he is introducing his own inconsistency into the equation, and when he finds these inconsistencies, he is not discovering inherent falseness.  This is the consistent reality of every supposed disproof of God.  “The problem of evil” is not a problem until inconsistent “truths” are imposed on the situation.  If you posit “God” then beware other assumptions that lead to inconsistencies – if you posit God, you must at least leave open the possibility that you must also maintain Him as the very definition of good, as dramatically more knowledgeable than you, as a better judge of what is good and how it can be executed, as Someone Who prefers to be without proof for the moment, as One Whose existence and therefore Whose truth must be transformed to fit into the reduced dimensionality of the thinker’s thoughts.  It is a strange God indeed who must kneel before the judgment seat of one of His creation to receive a ruling on His goodness or lack thereof – is it any wonder that this straw-God is found wanting?

Not all truth must be provable, and science has been clearly discovered numerous arenas in which truth which must exist cannot be proven, and sometimes not even accessed (e.g. things occurring beyond my event horizon).  God’s existence is neither provable nor disprovable under current circumstances.  That is at least effectively a working truth from thousands of years of constant attention to the question, and it is also a proposition that can certainly be logically argued.  But despite God’s insubordination to logic, belief in Him has (or at least one must leave open the possibility that it has) significant consequences both in these dimensions and beyond.


  1. Harriet U. Farrell

    There have been 10,000 man made gods in history. Which is the current one I wonder? The Imaginary Being needs to know.

    1. George

      The existence of the false does not require the nonexistence of the true.

      And hints of mockery suggest an inability to address an issue head-on. Want to address the true issues?

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