Feb 28

The Nature of Faith

Faith and Logic

Faith is not logical in the normal deductive sense of the word.  But then again, faith is not illogical.  Truthfully, faith is non-logical; or more clearly, faith is not an example of deductive logic.  You see, faith sees and believes, and logic catches up.

So frequently, people deduce things that are just not true.  The problem may not be their logic.  Their problem could be their assumptions upon which their logic was operating.  When you make wrong assumptions, your logical conclusions may also be wrong.  (I say “may be wrong” since it is not necessary that a wrong assumption result in wrong answers to every question, but if you ask enough questions, wrong assumptions will eventually lead to wrong answers.)

So when I say that faith sees and believes and then logic catches up, I mean that a person who is humble before God will discover that Father reveals Himself, and when a person of faith believes, he often finds it necessary to revise his assumptions and drop some false and unnecessary presumptions about the nature of Father and of life.  And then logic catches up.

Faith is inductive instead of deductive.  And an inductive faith often destroys fallacious assumptions.

Leaps and Blindness in Faith

True faith is not blind faith; instead it is seeing faith.  Faith comes out of interaction with Father… seeing Him better leads to knowing Him better which leads to believing Him more which leads to seeing Him better (rinse, repeat).

There are no real leaps of faith either; rather there are hoists of faith.  You see, faith is actually a gift from God… revelation of God and His presence providing the strength to choose to believe.  I then activate the faith not by my effort, but by my permission.  “Yes, Lord” changes my position (hoists me up into a new plane) relative to Father and relative to the truth and life He is offering.

Father, I find suddenly that You are offering me a new understanding of You and of living… a new truth… and even the ability to abandon my old dead “truths”… and I find that You are trustworthy… and I believe!

Faith is Relational

Faith is primarily in God not about God.  Faith extrapolates my experience of God… via His speaking or other active revelation to me… into further experience of God and His nature and His ways… into being made into His likeness.

Faith is primarily about what is not yet seen… but faith is not all-at-once but progressive.  Faith is the mechanism by which the unseen becomes the known, the experienced, the having-become like Him.

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