Feb 20

God and Reality

First, a few obvious statements:

  • There is information and reality accessible via scientific research. These are very useful to humankind and I personally truly enjoy the scientific process.  Rational process is a wonderful approach to many realms, and we as people have benefited greatly by it.
  • There are realities beyond those reachable by scientific means. This is well understood by most physicists.  Even in the space-time in which we exist, there are portions of space-time inaccessible to those of us currently living on planet Earth.  But beyond that, most cosmological models (e.g. Big Bang-ish stuff) have time and space and stuff all being spewed out in parallel.  (In other words, the first moment of time and the first infinitesimal of space were things created – and populated with stuff – in the context of this cosmic bang.)  There is something beyond space-time (a higher-order dimension?  a super-reality?) into which space and time are created.  “Before space-time” and “after space-time” seem like funny phrases, but are not unreasonable things to consider, but words like “before” and “after” require something of a different reference point, a different unit of measurement, and even perhaps different rules than our typical space-time-like understanding.
  • It is unscientific to posit without proof that there is nothing super-natural. And further the very notion of the supernatural clearly indicates that science may very well not be the tool to access the supernatural.  Certainly, one can state that God is not necessary for a harmonious perspective on life (see below), but many other well-accepted truths are also not necessary for a harmonious perspective on life.

Next, let me confess that I know God, so I that God is real, and that His reality is central to mine.

  • God the Creator exists/existed/will exist beyond the extent of His creation in both space and time, i.e. eternally. That He pre-existed His creation is a presupposition of the present active tense of the verb.  Biblical perspective on creation clearly has a pre-existent God and also One Who will continue after time.  Given that space also is a creation, one could hardly expect that it housed the pre-creation Creator.  (It is fascinating that the Scriptures declare that it would happen that “no place was found for” the earth and the heavens – I wonder if space-time no longer exists.) The above notion of a “reality beyond” is a notion well-suited to a real understanding of the spiritual realm, one that can legitimately be referred to as “eternity.”
  • God does not require people to acknowledge His existence. In fact, He seems to be pretty determined that anyone that desires to ignore His existence be allowed to do so (although at some cost).  This is not very surprising, given His purpose with man, but that is substance for a future post.  Let it suffice for now to note that there will never be a time (sic) in which man is required to acknowledge God, so in time, there will always be a place for realists, theists, and atheists.  After time, however, it will be otherwise, since anyone or anything that continues to exist after space-time is discontinued will be forced to live in that outer matrix of the eternal.
  • It is to the benefit of the created to know the Creator and His purpose in creation. In a Creator-centered existence, this again seems obvious.


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    1. Maricel

      , we experience peace which sseuapsrs understanding.I still think you are stretching these words in Gen 2:9, I don’t think the lexical information we have nor the context warrants this specificity. We begin to stray into philosophical territory, where we divide between optical sight and mental sight. Do we spiritually’ see because we compare what we physically see against some kind of platonic ideal? Is it even possible to only have platonic sight? If you have physical ears only, but you are physically deaf, can you be said to inwardly hear? Do we have to nail down our understanding of Kant before we can say that a tree is beautiful? It smacks of splitting hairs. Clearly, however we apprehend it, believers and unbelievers alike grasp the aesthetic beauty of nature. This aesthetic apprehension speaks almost directly to us of God Romans 1:19-23.

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  4. Don

    Bob when I read this post there is something isdine me that is excited and hope seems to spring up in my spirit. The physical world around me right now is difficult but my spirit is renewed at the concept that this is not all there is even now. Not that we have to wait for that time when we are together with the Lord (which will be glorious) but that if the eyes of my heart are opened I will see the physical and the beauty of the spiritual word intertwined even now! God made me an artist and even though I am in a struggle right now I am believing him for my voice to be restored and somehow I know it has something to do with this very subject. Please keep posting as the physical world is so hard to ignore in the midst of harsh symptoms and your posts bring me back to the true reality and give me hope. Beautiful message. Thank you.

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