Mar 10

The Union Onion in Wisconsin

Truth is so often difficult to find… sometimes you have to peal back the layers of the onion to find out what is in the core… and then what you find stinks and makes you want to cry.

The stinky issue at stake:  Should taxpayers be forced to support liberal politicians’ re-election campaigns?

You probably didn’t know that this is the real issue in Wisconsin, not that the media wants you to know… but it is really pretty simple:  If you want to be a teacher (or other public employee in numerous roles) in Wisconsin, you are forced by law to be a part of the teacher’s (or other… etc) union.  If you are part of the union, you pay union dues.  So a portion of the teacher’s paycheck never hits the teacher’s bank account because the government sends it directly to the unions.  And a portion of the union’s income goes directly to re-electing the liberals – check out the NEA’s contribution reports.  Hmmm… sounds hardly American!

More generally, the union dues pay for several union functions:

  1. Negotiate for better contracts
  2. Keep your job
  3. Keep the liberals in power

The first one seems benign, so let’s deal with that one last.

The second and third points are the real reasons why there is such an uproar in Wisconsin.  The union bosses and the liberal democrats don’t want to lose this cushy taxpayer-funded gravy train, so they incite fear via lies and get the rank and file out in force.

Governor Walker, in his recent article in the WSJ, pointed out that Indiana public employees are doing better after the end of collective bargaining for public unions in that state.  Could it be that point one above really does not work out as everyone assumes it would? Do extra added layers of socialism actually multiply the inherent inefficiencies in socialism? Perhaps that last question is a bit of a jump, so let’s review…

Reality being what it is, socialism does not work out well.  Those that work hard discover that it doesn’t help them out.  Those that don’t work hard find out they do just as well as the others.  Everybody loses incentive.  Everybody loses work ethic.  Everybody loses.  As many examples as there are… that is how many times socialism has produced poorer product at higher cost.

So let’s put government in charge and socialize our education!  And we do… more expense, poorer product.  And then let’s add another layer of socialism – government-corrupting unions!  And we do… more expense, poorer product.  Is it any wonder we get a decreasing quality of education in the US for an ever-increasing cost?

So do extra added layers of socialism actually multiply the inherent inefficiencies in socialism? Of course they do!  Socialism squared is worse than just plain socialism.

So when the union layer gets pealed off, when there becomes a modicum of accountability, when good teachers can be retained and inferior teachers can be let go, when millions of taxpayer dollars are not being siphoned off to pay the union bosses and re-elect the liberals… you can save your state money and there is still a bigger pie to share among the people who are actually productive!

Once you get the unions out of the way, once there is some level of competition in education, once we have pealed back one layer of socialism, MAYBE we can peal back another layer and actually introduce competition into education, and then maybe the real excellence in our teachers can make itself felt and America can retake the lead in education, and then retake the lead in innovation and creativity.

But you gotta start by pealing the onion.


  1. Ivan Has

    My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content available for you? I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome weblog!

    1. Hamid

      This is great news and I’m not a Republican. With low graduation rates, a sdteay decline in academic rankings and a constant attempt at the social engineering of our children, public school teachers are in no position to play these kinds of games. We’re broke, and tired. This is a message to unions. After 9/11, we asked where the outcry from the Muslim community was, because we knew that if they didn’t speak up, ALL Muslims would suffer for it. Now I ask you: Where is the outcry from teachers over all this? Why aren’t they FURIOUS over the perception their unions have created to the public? Why don’t they demand the kind of changes we all agree are needed? Why aren’t they disgusted over the bad teachers they KNOW are ruining our children? You know what kind of anger we hear instead? Anger over benefits. Over time off. Over pay scales. Over tenure. Over a 5% increase in health care (at a time when many Americans can’t even afford their own). Bullying tactics like what they pulled in Wisconsin, and even here in Ohio. I won’t apologize until they collectively do the job they’re hired to do. Our children need to be experts in reading, writing, math and science. They can’t tell you what the branches of government are. They don’t know the Bill of Rights. Geography is out of their reach, and forget about geometry. If I failed at my job, especially if there were outside influences involved (like unions, complacent peers, parents), you wouldn’t be able to shut me up. A once-noble profession, public school teachers are now vilified, and this is why. DO something about it.

  2. Evelyn

    you’re a republican Wrong again Kay, I’m a proud Independent that left the aliing Democratic party. This is why George Bush did nothing about immigration Neither is Obama, and neither did Clinton. They are happy to get the cheap labor into our country. This is your political party Remember Kay I’m an Independent. Unlike you, I have no problem calling out both sides. He used what he LEARNED from being the unions local safety chairman and accident investigator to base his attempt at landing the plane where he did. Man you’re an idiot Clif. He used what he learned as an Air Force pilot and what he learned as a Commercial pilot, and most importantly he used what he learned as A GLIDER PILOT to safely land his plane on the Hudson. And he used these skills that he learned on his own and with the help of the US Armed Forces to help his union and to be a successful Airline Pilots Association Chairman, an accident investigator and a national technical committee member.Again Clif, he learned all of these skills before he became a pilot’s union member. So you see, the union didn’t make him great, he made himself great. He would have done all of this whether or not he was in a union. And the post was NOT just about the ship union members you LIAR it was about many examples of unions people using their training son. The majority of these people are getting their base training from technical and vocational schools, so it doesn’t matter if they are union or not. They come into the union already knowing their job, and what they need to do to succeed. Unions don’t make great employees. The person makes themselves great.

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