Mar 11

Is God Illogical?

I read some atheists decrying the illogic of God, and in some ways I can understand their frustration.  A search for God that expects Him to be a black box which responds consistently to a set of stimuli is bound for frustration.  (In fact, I do think it is illogical to begin a search for God according to my own rules instead of His, considering the presumptive nature of the former and the assumptions which must underlie the search.   Be that as it may…)

But is God illogical?

In my experience with God, it is not so much that He is illogical, nor that I am.  It is much more that every time I think I understand something about Him I discover that there are more dimensions to Him than I had previously understood.  He is not internally  inconsistent, but higher-dimensional than my previous experience.

Think about this for a moment… There are no integers which are the average of two adjacent ones, but then there are rationals.  There are no rationals equivalent to the square root of two, but then there are irrationals.  There are no irrationals equal to the square root of negative two… but then there are complex numbers… and then there are doubtless mathematicians who could carry this sequence on ad infinitum.

This is the sort of thing that I have discovered.  Not that God changes or cannot be understood but is infinitely more interesting, real, and alive in an infinity of dimensions than any doctrine or definition….

Aristotelian gravitational theory gave way to Newton’s, and Newton’s to Einstein’s, and doubtless there is something (or perhaps some string) beyond Einstein.  This is similar to knowing God in my experience, except each of these models suggests something few-dimensional in the progression, whereas interactions with God are necessarily far more multifaceted.

In some sense, it appears to me that an interaction with God is somehow sort of quantum mechanical in that an infinite-dimensional wave-function collapses upon measurement, but it is difficult to fully predict its behavior a priori because of the computational complexities inherent in integrations over infinitely many dimensions.

I surmise that He is just a bunch bigger than my head.  Not surprising, I guess, given the ontological relationship.

Just my experience.  Just reality.


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  1. Jocelyn

    Nicely put! The best part about this is that we have a God who wants us to know Him! He’d love for us to search him out. What steps do you take to do that? How can we, simple folk, get to know someone so complex!? Lead us on!

    1. Ajla

      Wow Great stuff!It’s interesting to me that you use the term lens for dcinrsbieg world-view because God has been showing me how I have been misunderstanding many truths in scripture that I have heard basically all of my life because I have viewed them through a performance lens, a focus-on-me colored lens. It is insidious.I see at least one common thread in your list of pitfalls, and that is the focus on ourselves and our performance instead of focusing on the COMPLETED work of Jesus. Reading scripture through this Jesus-focused lens gives a WHOLE different view of many truths.Thanks for continuing to help us think differently Bob!

  2. due date calculator

    i totally agree

    1. Shyam

      something to the afefct that religion is like a salad bar (sorry, bad paraphrase) and how the lady picked and chose what she wanted her god to be.Thanks for offering direction and help!Juli

  3. Fabiana

    I want to know why im not connected with my old feirnds from high school. I feel like I’m missing out on relationships. I’m also single and want to know why I’m not in a relationship with someone I can call my husband. I hate being alone and I feel the stress inside my body. I also don’t have a job right now. All I do is go to church faithfully but I’m not working unto God to advance in his Kingdom. I know god and I love him with all my heart but need to find those connections with others that allows me to feel connected again. I need to know that I’m loved and want to be in a strong relationships with other Christians. Please let me know what I could do to advance god’s kingdom. Thanks.. KIMVi

    1. George

      Relationships ARE incredibly important, starting with Daddy and then outward. What is the Spirit saying about change in your life?

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