Apr 20

Covenantal Justice

Mankind fell.

Death was on the doorstep.

The great black hole – which was the alter ego (in free will) of the highest destiny of mankind in the most amazing love experiment in eternity – the great black hole of anti-holiness threatened to suck everything into eternal horror, anguish, punishment, and nothingness.

Horrifying, eternal JUSTICE loomed.

Yet LOVE intensely desired. And MERCY would be so very unfulfilled. The great heart of the Father cried out for His sons.


COVENANTAL JUSTICE is an expression of the GOODNESS of God in that His MERCY conspires with His JUSTICE to consummate His LOVE.

You see, God is HOLY. He is so “other-than” everything we know! He is PERFECT. He is PERFECT in all of His ways… His GOODNESS is perfect. His LOVE is perfect. His JUSTICE is perfect. His MERCY is perfect.

So when mankind sinned, it appeared (to an imperfect observer) that one or more elements of Daddy God’s perfection would have to give way to another… that either JUSTICE would win out or MERCY would prevail… that either the GOODNESS of the Father’s heart toward us would be satisfied or His HOLINESS would require judgment… that an irresistible force had come against an immoveable object… one would win and the other lose…

But Daddy said, “Ha!” – because everyone who knows Him knows that He is PERFECT in all of His ways! And Daddy’s perfect GOODNESS and MERCY conspired with His perfect JUSTICE and HOLINESS to create COVENANTAL JUSTICE! And in this way, He consummates both His HOLINESS and His JUSTICE by pouring out His GOODNESS on us! But I preempt myself…

Perhaps you know the mechanism… Daddy sent His Son Jesus to be a sacrifice for sin. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and did not contain the fallen nature of mankind. And though He was tempted in every way as a man, Jesus did not fall as did Adam, but instead heard and obeyed Daddy perfectly – even to the extent of paying for Daddy’s planned COVENANTAL JUSTICE with His own blood. The basic plan was that Jesus would be the scapegoat for humankind, triggering the JUSTICE of the Father to require a complete divine exchange: Jesus would take upon Himself all the guilt, curse, and punishment of mankind and give in exchange to mankind His divine SONSHIP, HOLINESS, and RELATIONSHIP with the Father.

Please understand, the exchange was not one-way. It is not the truth of the gospel that Jesus saved us from sins only. He saved us from sins and into an amazing Daddy-child relationship with the Father – into SONSHIP. And if sons, then heirs of Daddy God – that is, we get everything that is His.

Let me say it clearly: our Father’s amazing plan put us into a fantastic position:
Daddy’s plan was to make possible for me to enter into an eternal legal agreement such that it would be a violation of Daddy’s JUSTICE to decide to not give me every good thing due to Jesus! Because of Jesus, Daddy’s MERCY and JUSTICE are totally aligned! So we can access that awesome arrangement that Daddy’s MERCY pleads for me, and equally so, His JUSTICE pleads for me, and His GOODNESS delights in giving me everything that fulfills His LOVE for me!

Please note one other thing: COVENANTAL JUSTICE is based on sacrificial blood, not lawfulness. It is not dependent on your worthiness to even a minute degree. COVENANTAL JUSTICE is totally prepaid, and it is imbecility to think you can add to it by any action of your own. The day of unworthiness is over; plead the completed work!

I will say it again:

In the garden, the HOLINESS of God required Him to separate Himself from the sinful, so… lest His heart full of GOODNESS be violated by His HOLY heart of JUSTICE, His GRACE and MERCY conspired with His RIGHTEOUSNESS to create a way for Him to be… to be all of the above to us! Under the covenant of the blood of Jesus, because of His good plan to express the whole of Who He is to us, the JUSTICE of God legally requires Him to (gladly) pour out His PRESENCE, POWER, GLORY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, MERCY, GOODNESS, GRACE, HOLINESS, and JUSTICE into us, consummating His great LOVE for us by giving to us all of who He is. Now that is the good news!

How do we sign on? How do we access this incomprehensibly excellent agreement? It is really simple, so be careful to not miss the simplicity. We believe in the goodness of our Daddy, and ask Him to show us how to operate as His sons. Then we listen to His instructions, we follow them, and we begin to walk with Him in relationship as His sons doing their Daddy’s business. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? But that is the whole plan. Remember this: The day of unworthiness is over; plead the completed work of Jesus – access COVENANTAL JUSTICE!


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  1. Saul W. Gilbert

    When Paul proclaims that the gospel reveals the righteousness (justice) of God, which is salvation to all who believe (Rom. 1:16,17), he is setting forth the essential covenant message of the Old Testament. But he does it in the light of God’s final and ultimate act of salvation, which has taken place in the death and resurrection of Christ. All who believe are incorporated into that saving event and are thereby forgiven, saved from well-deserved wrath, and justified unto life eternal — and all this as an act of divine justice. One main difference between the Old Testament era and the era of Paul’s gospel is this: In the Old Testament it remained somewhat of a mystery how a just God could pardon sin and save sinners like David and the exiled Jews. But in Paul’s gospel the secret is revealed, for he points to the propitiatory death of Jesus as the grounds of God’s being able to pass over the sins of a former age while still being just (Rom. 3:25,26). Biblical theology is covenant theology. Because it grounds man’s salvation on God’s justice, it gives an absolutely solid basis for a man’s faith. While he may be tempted to think that God’s mercy may run out, his own conscience tells him that God will be just. But instead of this terrifying him, he may look in faith to God’s covenant pledge (now sealed in full view by the death of Christ) and know that a just God must forgive and save those who put their trust in the God of the covenant.

  2. Junior K. Herrera

    The ideal of Christian character is Christlikeness. As the Son of man was perfect in His life, so His followers are to be perfect in their life. . . . He bids us by faith in Him attain to the glory of the character of God.

    1. George

      And the way to attain this is through interaction with God Himself. It is impossible to acquire His character by other means — it is in seeing Him that we become like Him.

  3. Tabitha F. Joyce

    You see, God is HOLY. He is so “other-than” everything we know! He is PERFECT. He is PERFECT in all of His ways… His GOODNESS is perfect. His LOVE is perfect. His JUSTICE is perfect. His MERCY is perfect.

  4. Daniel Beaulieu

    Amazing post.Truly looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

  5. SEO

    I really like and appreciate your post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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