About Just Reality (with God)

Just Reality is a spiritual pursuit… in particular, a pursuit of reality with God…  Just Reality with God.  The reality of God centered on God defined by God Himself… just the realest reality there is… that is what we want to pursue… that is what we want to promote.  We are not about religious principle.  We are not about the theoretical.  Is it too much to ask for reality, just plain reality with God?

If you have never experienced God and you would like to, I would like to facilitate your quest.  If you want to pursue religion-free reality with God, then you have come to the right place… send me an email or add a post!  Let’s pursue the real reality of a real God together!

Here is a place to start if you are interested…


  1. John Thirikwa Kagunda

    I want to pursue religion-free reality with God

    1. Azim

      Did you write this because of what I wrote in your bio???I find you and I are very msailir in our beliefs, but it would appear I’m slightly more to the Christian side and you’re slightly more toward the science side, but we both realize there’s a lot of gray area.Basically what you said about the black hole and how nobody has ever seen one ties perfectly into religion. Nobody has seen it, but we have to put our faith in what others say could possibly be out there (black holes). A lot of science is based on things we, as humans, don’t have the lifespan to actually see happen. We heavily rely on others records and theory and trust what we’re given. Yes, some of the evidence can not be disputed, but it can’t all be proven either.Evolution is said to be proven and I’m not saying it’s false I’m just saying it can’t be proven. Humans are historically known for making mistakes and being imperfect. You can state with 100% certainty evolution happened the exact same way mom can state with 100% certainty God exists.As the great Stan Marsh quoted about evolution Couldn’t God be the reason why instead of the reason why not?

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